Project Overview

Strategic Property Partners engaged PDSI to fully revamp the Marriott Waterside Hotel as the first component in a multi-use project designed to transform downtown Tampa into a vital live, work, play, and stay hub. A partnership of two private investors, SPP envisions that this urban revitalization project will ultimately comprise 9M square feet and a total investment of $3 billion.

Given the high profile and scope of the Marriott transformation, SPP knew that it needed an exceptional team – and that team was PDSI. We had both the knowledge and the talent to oversee the project and to address complexities that arose as SPP’s staff grew and other entities became involved in the project. Our insight led to strategic improvements to meeting spaces and public spaces that increased revenue potential, and devised a more effective use of space that allowed the hotel to add 8 keys, adding significant opportunity for return on investment.

The Marriott Waterside Hotel is a critical piece of SPP’s vision for the waterfront of downtown Tampa. Thus, it took courage and confidence to take on the job of executing significant changes, while driving value and staying within budget.  Our ability to do so earned SPP’s trust and respect, and established a mutually beneficial relationship that continues to this day.

  • Location
    Tampa, FL
  • Type
  • Budget
    25 to 49 Million
  • Client
    Strategic Property Partners
  • Brand
  • Team
    Brian Mashburn
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