Our Team Values Bring Added Value.

At PDSI, we have a set of core values we work hard to measure up to. We strive to put them into practice. These five values not only shape who we are, but are integral to the way we work with our clients and each other, the relationships we build and how we define our identity.

PDSI | Angeline Fife

Straight Talk

We mean what we say. We’ll always be honest and upfront. Should issues ever arise, we guarantee you’ll hear about it from us first.

PDSI Commitment


We’re committed to being the best in our industry and challenge ourselves to provide a level of service that’s second to none. We love what we do, we excel at our craft and it shows in our work.

PDSI Project Management


We strive to provide an environment and culture that promotes personal growth. Every member of our team is encouraged to use their unique talents and abilities to the fullest, and we rely on each other’s strengths to make us stronger as a whole.

PDSI Project Management Proposal


We lead with competence and confidence. We’re willing to take calculated risks, but not afraid to ask for help when needed. If a mistake gets made, we move forward and learn from it but ensure it will never happen again.

PDSI Project Management


We are always open to new channels that can make us better partners. We seek, challenge and embrace new ideas to improve our work experience and create greater value for our clients.