Project Overview

Sea Island is a five-star resort located on the southeastern coast of Georgia. When Sea Island engaged PDSI, the property was owned by four entities who were uncertain about the wisdom of going forward with improvements as the project had a history of going well over budget. We were brought in to act as an advisor to the partners, to monitor work in progress and, on a biweekly basis, to report on whether or not the partners could meet their objectives. In essence, PDSI acted as owners’ representative.

Drawing upon decades of experience, PDSI assisted the Sea Island group acting as Project Manager, enabling the team to move the project forward at a pace and cost consistent with the client’s end goal. Our expertise helped to successfully relocate existing infrastructure, build new accommodations and, in the process, shield guests from any disturbance. Mitigating noise, dust and visual irregularities was not easy as new construction was shoehorned into the middle of structures built early in the last century – but, we got it done.

At PDSI, empowerment is a fundamental value that is integral to the way we work. Sea Island relied on us to use our skills to oversee the various project teams, and we gave those teams the flexibility they needed to do their job and do it well. At the same time, straight talk was needed when any issues impeded progress or added costs. We carried out our mandate and the project came in well within budget, a mutually profitable finale for all.

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