Project Overview

How do you transform a luxury hotel and yet make it seem as if there’s nothing going on? Such was the logistical puzzle presented by the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort, complicated by the fact that everything in the resort – guest rooms, public spaces, meeting rooms, restaurants, and more – is essentially contained in one building. PDSI’s well-honed organizational skills were put to the test as we coordinated all on-site activity with the hotel operator in order to mitigate disruption of operations and inconvenience to guests.

A solid working relationship with the hotel operator was essential to planning and scheduling work, and making smooth progress towards project closeout. The PDSI team adapted to changing conditions on a daily basis, often responding at a moment’s notice as hotel operations required. Maintaining direction when the only constant is change, our team proved to be remarkably agile and, at the same time, highly productive.

Every project is distinct, and the Desert Ridge Resort was no exception. Yet, common to all of our work is the commitment and creativity that we deliver to our client. The skills, the versatility, and the focus that we deploy on the ground grow and mature, fed by those core values.

  • Location
    Phoenix, Arizona
  • Type
  • Budget
    10 to 24 Million
  • Year
    2015 - 2017
  • Client
    Cap X Advisors
  • Brand
    JW Marriott
  • Team
    Donald J. Leonard, Jr.
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