Project Overview

The London West Hollywood is a stylish hotel that hosts a sophisticated socialite and entertainment-based clientele. Nevertheless, after a decade in business, the time had come to refresh the image that defines the London brand. Our client knew that PDSI would guide the project team to its goal—to project a modern sense of glamour while remaining faithful to the essence of designer David Collins’ original vision.

A design-driven project like the London redevelopment calls for a well-honed skill set: design sensitivity and business acumen, plus a talent for collaboration with strong personalities and the ability to negotiate with local jurisdictions having authority. PDSI is a firm that can capitalize on those diverse capabilities to deliver a project with outstanding results and minimal financial risk.

From beginning to end, we led the London project team to develop and execute innovative concepts for the hotel, converting a back-of-house office into a revenue-generating lobby bar that acts as a dual purpose breakfast room/meeting space and as a lounge that can be isolated from the public and paparazzi for private screening events. Together with a transformed rooftop pool, these brand-building spaces can be effectively promoted on social media, casting the London as the ultimate destination for movers, shakers and celebrities. We made it our job to ensure that creative ideas reached fruition, capital was wisely spent and the project reached its goal – to continue to attract the high profile clientele drawn by the hotel’s luxury and flair.

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