Project Overview

DiamondRock Hospitality Company holds an extensive portfolio of premium hotel and resort properties throughout North America and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 2015, DiamondRock reached out to PDSI to evaluate the condition and context of each asset and to recommend an investment strategy for the next eight years. We put our nationwide presence to work by quickly responding to the client’s tight timeline, assessing hotels in remote and distant locations, and developing a CapEx master plan that would ensure a smooth, sustainable cash spend along with a higher return on investment. The client was then able to present a comprehensive and detailed plan to the Board of Directors and other stakeholders. Thanks to our thorough review and analysis, PDSI remains a trusted resource – and our CapEx capabilities have been used as the basis for critical decisions in several key matters.

Entrusted by the client with providing a viable blueprint for future expenditures of nearly $1 billion, PDSI brought the kind of insight and innovation that builds client loyalty. As just one example, we negotiated a re-zoning that made it possible for the Marriott Michigan Avenue to add much-needed meeting space – succeeding where others had failed. PDSI’s success allowed for new conference facilities that reposition this hotel as a preferred site, generating new revenue and significantly increasing the value of this asset.

Impressed by PDSI’s expertise, and the team’s capacity for creative thinking, DiamondRock continues to partner with our team for Capital Expenditure and Deployment projects.

  • Type
  • Budget
    100 to 499 Million
  • Year
  • Client
    DiamondRock Hospitality Company
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