Project Overview

Felcor Lodging Trust, a Texas-based real estate investment firm, was interested in buying a larger company with a substantial portfolio of premium-brand hotels. Felcor knew PDSI well and had complete confidence in our ability to assess the properties in the seller’s portfolio and capture the data needed to make an informed decision about moving forward with the acquisition.

The CEO had a key question for us: “What is the capital expenditure required to improve the value and potential selling price of these properties?” Certain he could rely on our team to evaluate the condition of the individual assets and to provide the metrics required to develop an effective CapEx plan, the CEO was then able to focus on other matters critical to assessing the acquisition. Ultimately, the CEO’s trust proved to be well founded when PDSI’s analysis helped make a strategic decision – not to pursue the acquisition any further.

Like PDSI, the client placed great importance on commitment and open, face-to-face communication, a shared perspective that strengthened our professional relationship as well as the human connection between the CEO and our team. Working with this client on over thirty projects for more than a decade, we had built and sustained a high level of confidence and trust by responding to his forthright style and hands-on approach with our own commitment to excellent service and straight talk.

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