Project Overview

JMC Communities came to PDSI with a unique problem. As a developer of condominium properties, JMC wanted to build 200 condos in Clearwater, Florida, but plans were stalled by City’s refusal to grant a permit unless JMC built 200 hotel rooms alongside the condominiums. With no background in hotels, the client needed a strong collaborator with a proven track record in the hospitality industry, a knowledgeable team with a firm grasp of the detailed oversight that it takes to get the job done right. PDSI’s expertise was precisely what this challenging scenario required.

Drawing upon the breadth and depth of our collective experience, we became an integral member of the development team and a key contributor to the project’s evolving vision. Educating the client was a critical component and included visits to various hotel properties in order to illustrate programming strategies and innovative concepts that would ensure a high-performing property and healthy ROI.

Thanks to creative thinking and diligent project management on the part of our team, JMC obtained the critical permit and built a valuable mixed-use development – including the hotel that PDSI’s leadership made possible and which, in turn, made the entire project viable. Ultimately, the hotel was sold – just as the client had hoped. As with all projects, we applied experience, insight and a rare talent for innovation that led to fulfilling our client’s goals.

  • Location
    Clearwater, Florida
  • Type
    New Construction
  • Year
  • Client
    JMC Communities
  • Brand
    Independent Hotel
  • Team
    Ralph C. Engelberger
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