They’re Experts
In Their Field.
And Experts In
The Field.

We’ve built the number one project management and development company in the industry. And we’ve achieved this by building a team of Project Managers who are former architects, designers, contractors and trade consultants who know this business inside out. Our team brings decades of experience to each project, and offers more depth, professional knowledge and combined expertise than anyone else out there.

At PDSI’s Quarterly Meetings, we are reminded not to rest on past accomplishments. All of our team members embrace challenge in order to find innovative ways to create value, increase efficiency, and provide the highest level of service to our clients and partners. We seek new ways to use intelligence, flexibility, experience, and ability to overcome obstacles in pursuit of our clients’ success.


Angeline Fife

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer / Atlanta

Ralph C. Engelberger

Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer / Atlanta

Clif Dierking

Customer Relations Manager / Baltimore


Laura Farber

Controller / Atlanta

Brian McCarren

Director of Project Accounting / Atlanta

Nikki Griffin

Quality Assurance Manager / Orlando

Amalia Engelberger

Resource Coordinator / Denver

Strategic Resource Manager / Atlanta

Project Accountant / Houston

Shaneak Lyons

Accounting Assistant / Atlanta

Karen Graeber

Assistant Project Accountant / Atlanta

Candi Ort

Administrative Assistant / Orlando


Joel Tate

Senior Project Director / Tampa

Brian Mashburn

Senior Project Director / Orlando

Keith Baker

Senior Project Director / Baltimore

Julie Rivera

Senior Project Director / Atlanta

Eric Miller

Project Director / St. Thomas

Jesus Hinojosa

Project Director / Miami

Mary Beth Steadman

Sr. Project Manager / San Francisco