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While PDSI has a strong reputation for exceptional project management, we are also frequently asked to provide project accounting (PA) services, either as a complement to project management or as a standalone service. PDSI has always recognized that project accounting is a powerful business tool, one that helps to mitigate risk and gives clients a fuller picture of their project’s financial health. Our client’s have looked to PDSI’s Project Accounting department to support their vision and achieve maximum return on their investments.

PDSI’s experienced PA team has developed a proven, efficient, and thorough process that allows us to support remote project teams, track every stage of a project, and provide customized reporting to suit each client’s particular needs. Our experts know what questions to ask, what to look for, how to effectively organize budgets, monitor costs, and manage reporting procedures. As a third-party “chief accounting officer,” PDSI is able to reduce clients’ anxiety and provide a sense of security about financial decisions.

Even after a project has been completed, our PA team is often hired to provide reports to directors or to entities conducting audits. This post-project reporting is particularly valuable to boards of publicly traded companies in that it provides peace of mind and empowers them to make educated decisions. Our consistent performance prompts clients to call upon PDSI to handle project accounting, either in concert with project management or as a discrete service. Our combination of expertise and straight talk has only made our client relationships that much stronger.

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