Casey Williams

Lorena Val

Project Manager

As a Project Manager with PDSI’s Baltimore team, Ms.  Val’s responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing all phases of her projects and leading her internal team and vendors to ensure work is completed within budget, and PDSI delivers a quality project that aligns with its clients’ goals.  By effectively managing all aspects of the project, Ms. Val is responsible for the delivery of the master schedule, budget, and scope progress.

During her tenure at PDSI, Lorena has worked in the capacity of Assistant Project Manager and Project Coordinator.  Her deep experience with different positions at PDSI allows her to bring a unique perspective to her projects and optimize the value she brings to her projects.  Prior to joining PDSI, Lorena worked for a construction management company and a lighting design firm.

Prior to moving to the United States Ms. Val graduated from the Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay with two degrees in law (Procuradora de la Nacion and Escribana Publica).

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