Julie Rivera

Julie Rivera

Senior Project Director

With over 50 projects representing over $300 million in capital placement, Ms. Rivera confidently completes all projects assigned to her. As Senior Project Director, Ms. Rivera is responsible for leading, developing, and ensuring her project teams evaluate, define, and control all aspects of her projects. Her role encompasses both responsibility for project management and team leadership of all of PDSI’s initiatives required to achieve innovative solutions and provide the highest level of service to support our Clients, investors, and operators. Julie’s firm grasp of hands-on project management in conjunction with her ability to understand Client’s goals and objectives accentuates Ms. Rivera’s abilities to provide the leadership necessary to face the toughest project challenges.

Prior to joining PDSI in 2009, Ms. Rivera had an accomplished career in Retail Planning Management with more than ten years’ experience in planning and delivering projects for The Coca-Cola Company and The Walt Disney Company, managing both the retail build-out for the World of Coca-Cola store in Atlanta, GA and the renovation of the Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas, NV. Her Disney experience included managing the multi-phase World of Disney rehab in Orlando, FL and working closely with Hasbro, Inc. to create the new retail location for Disney’s “Once Upon a Toy” projects.

Ms. Rivera graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree and a minor in Marketing from the University of Phoenix.

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