Roby Williams

Roby Williams

Project Coordinator

A seasoned expert in FF&E, Mr. Williams draws on his vast experience in the industry to ensure PDSI’s Clients expectations are met and exceeded.  With over 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry, his role within PDSI is to manage the FF&E process, manage the expediting process, and coordinate logistics to ensure timely delivery. In addition to the FF&E management, Mr. Williams assists with contract administrations, awarding of consultants, and management of the design team.

Mr. Williams is known for his willingness to learn and help others. He is passionate about design and has received a certificate of Interior Design through the UCF Continuing Education Program.  These tools, in addition to his experience as an FF&E and OS&E Purchasing Agent allows him to be an expert in the field and a valuable member of the PDSI team.

Roby graduated from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

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