Joel Tate

Joel Tate

Senior Project Director

Mr. Tate brings over two decades of project leadership and management experience to his position. He uses his extensive knowledge and background to ensure the PDSI team provides clients projects delivered within scope, reflecting agreed upon internal budgets and schedules. He leads the PDSI team in taking a proactive approach to managing the planning and programming process and providing clear communication for all stakeholders. He actively works with his team to assess strengths and optimize project teams to maximize the value PDSI brings to its clients.  As a Senior Project Director, Joel is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations and effectiveness of the PDSI Operations Team.

When he joined PDSI in 2008, Mr. Tate demonstrated the ability to communicate project intent and expectations to all levels, from owner to designer to contractor. He honed his strong organizational skills and his ability to manage multi-faceted projects in his previous position as a Project Manager for the Penrose Group, a Northern Virginia developer specializing in Class A office buildings, upscale condominiums and apartment buildings and Master Planned mixed-use developments. Prior to this, Mr. Tate served as an Estimator/Project Manager for Performance Contracting, Inc. where he was directly involved in all aspects of managing commercial, institutional and industrial construction projects.

Mr. Tate earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Michigan State University in 2002. He has been a member of the Network of Executive Women in Hospitality, Inc. (NEWH) since 2012.

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