Casey Williams

Casey Williams

Project Manager

Mr. Williams brings a strong industrial and commercial project management background to the PDSI Seattle office. His responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing all phases of the project to ensure all work is completed within budget and that quality control measures are maintained. He is savvy in both scheduling and database software allowing him to thoroughly track project timelines and deliverables. Mr. Williams is detail oriented and thoroughly researches potential issues or risks to the projects. He has an extensive knowledge base of consultants and experts available as resources for complex projects, which also allows him to manage and understand trade level to C-level project team members.

Prior to joining PDSI in 2015, Casey held a position in project controls for KBR – Halliburton, working on projects such as Kabul Afghanistan Embassy and the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort. He also brings a project management and finance background from Continental Machinery, an industrial equipment disaster recovery team, and safety & environmental program support for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Mr. Williams earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from Western Michigan University. He also attended culinary school for one year at Kendall College. He is passionate about cooking and likens it to project management – it’s about getting the best pieces put together to get amazing results.

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